Letters, Forms & Medical Records

Your healthcare provider may fill out necessary forms that you need.

We contract with MediCopy for the copying of medical records, FMLA, and Disablity forms. Due to the time involved there is a fee for this service. PLEASE READ THE RELEASE CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU SIGN IT.

Your may request records online at Medicopy where you can also learn about the release of information for completion process and company contact information.

To access an online form to request records click here: Record Request Form.


Read more about what to expect when requesting FMLA or Disability forms.

VitalCare has partnered with MediCopy to fulfill your Disability/FMLA Forms.

MediCopy is fully HIPAA compliant and adheres to all state and federal regulations concerning form completion.

Costs are $30 for the first form and $15 for each additional form turned in at the same time.

What to expect:

Deliver your form(s) to the VitalCare office. Your form(s) will then be sent to MediCopy for completion. Payment is not due at this time. Approximately one business day later, MediCopy will send you an invoice. Forms cannot be completed prior to payment. Please provide an email address if available as this will expedite the process.Once payment is received, MediCopy will complete your form(s) within three business days. Forms will be completed based on information in your chart. Upon completion, forms will be sent to the designated requesting party.

For more information or questions contact MediCopy at 866.587.6274 or by email at contact@medicopy.net.

To access an online form to have FMLA, Disability or other forms completed on your behalf click here:  Form Completion Request Form

Read MediCopy Frequently Asked Questions here:  FAQ.